20% Off Donate 23.07.2022 and 14.08.2022

2022-07-24 11:57 

23.07.2022 and 14.08.2022

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Facebook Photo Event !!

2022-07-24 09:57 

Facebook Event !

Send message with your best photo and we will post it on RexallSro facebook , after you can share it and when you make 50 Likes you will be able to get 1000 silks ! Good Luck everyone !

RexallSro Team!


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All about Free Silks !

2021-07-26 23:40 

Hello dear players,

I want to present You how can you make silks inside the have
I will post a list now with all free silks .

Have fun and enjoy in our silkroad server.

Silk from VOTE /
Silk on unique titan 1~7/
1 Silk / h at lvl 110
Silk on unique from job temple 15 silk/
Silk on roc and medusa 60~80 silk /
Silk on every event inside the game 10 20 silk /
Silk in our DISCORD giveaway in every mounth /
Silk If Your guild take the jangan fortress /
Silk If You Make ElitePvPers event /
Silk If You Make FACEBOOK event /
Silk in silkroad international advertising DISCORD Page on giveaway