New Update V1.754

2021-03-26 20:56 

Hello everyone,


Update V1.754 Complet:


What we have changed:


- F10 Item Mall Scrolls/potions/new stuffs

- Disabled on drop Dimensional Hole Grade 1/2/3

- We have added on NPC Dimenisional Hole Grade 1/2/3

- Changed Price for zerk on NPC

- Added Mobs lvl 104-110 on Samarkand

- Added Chinese Balance Skill 

Check our and 



RexallSro Team wishes all of you Have fun with us !


Discord Invite Event !

2021-03-19 16:02 

Hello Everyone,


invites Event ??

1 st place. 15 invites = 1000 silks

2 nd place. 30 invite = 2500 silks

3 rd place. 50 invite = 4000 silks


Create your invite link and start to earn free silks!!

Check On on  #invite-counter how many members you have invited !



RexallSro Team wishes all of you have fun with us !

New Update v1.753

2021-03-15 14:13 

Hello everyone,


Update V1.753 Complet:


We have added :

- 300 silk sroll

- 600 silk scroll

- 1000 silk scroll

- Stats Reset Sroll

- Skill Reste Scroll

- Premium Reset Sroll

- Job Guild/Penalty Reset Scroll

- Holly Water Temple Scroll

- FGW Reset Scroll

- ADV Remover

- Berserker Regeneration Potion ( ZERK SCROLL)



Check our and 



RexallSro Team wishes all of you Have fun with us !


Big Facebook Giveaway !!!

2021-03-05 13:12 

Hello everyone,


We have pleasure to announce everyone of you our

??????Big Giveaway ????????

Will Be 5 Winners :

1. place 200$ in SILKS

2. place 100$ in SILKS

3. place 40$ in SILKS

4. place 25$ in SILKS

5. place 10$ in SILKS


Rules :

 Like Our Facebook Page  

Share Our Facebook post as PUBLIC  

Tag 5 Person on Facebook post who play Silkroad

Join in our Discord react with ?? on ?facebook-event room.


 Winners will be announced on 01.04.2021 on Discord channel!

Unique Rank Giveaway

2021-02-28 21:11 

Hello Everyone ,


We will start Unique Killer Rank giveaway of 500 silks !


-You are no't allowed to use bot on Unique spot ( Ban 7 days)

-You can kill any Unique from normal unique like Tiger Girl to Rexall Boss and soo on...

-Every unique have an amount of points depend on unique.

Leader Unique Boss Killer will be announced every Sunday on Discord and will get 500 silks !

Unique rank can be check from here just press on Top Unique 


Rexall Team wishes you have good luck and have fun !